Serenity Summit Elevated Pet Bed | Large


Celebrate your pet’s unique identity with our Serenity Summit Elevated Pet Bed | Large. Tthis raised bed offers the ultimate lounge experience. Durable and resistant to elements, it ensures restful sleep, a truly special haven for your furry friend.

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Elevated Comfort for Restful Sleep

Treat Your Furry Friend to the Ultimate Lounge Experience

Venturing outdoors with your loyal companion means embracing both adventure and relaxation. Introducing our Elevated Pet Bed, sculpted to ensure unparalleled comfort for your pet during their serene moments. Crafted from top-tier materials with utmost precision, this bed is the dream haven your four-legged friend deserves after a day of exploration.

  • Built for Resilience: Our raised bed is designed from premium ripstop, ensuring it stands up to the daily wear and tear. The robust construction offers sustained durability, matching the enthusiastic spirit of your pet.
  • Sturdy Design: Recognizing that pets relish their stretch and roll moments, our Elevated Pet Bed promises stability and endurance. You can put to rest concerns about wear and tear – this bed is crafted to last.
  • Repels the Elements: Whether it’s a random rain drizzle or a playful leap after a mud bath, our bed is up to the task. Crafted with ripstop, it resists water and dirt, allowing for swift cleaning while ensuring your pet’s relaxation zone remains pristine.
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 18 cm


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